The Jinx Finale: “What the Hell Did I do?” (Spoiler Alert)


The Jinx finale had been building up to be a big one but not even the series producers’ could have expected a lead-in as a big as the arrest Robert Durst on the eve of their final episode. In a twist that seemed perfectly timed, the HBO program managed to do what decades of police investigation could not — find a solid link between Robert Durst and Susan Berman’s murder. Though much of this final episode seemed to be filler content before the explosive last ten minutes of the program, we did see first hand a part of Robert Durst that was manipulative and deceitful. Whether Durst started to have second thoughts about the outcome of this show or just plain got bored with the project, we saw him lie to the series producers about his whereabouts and delay scheduling a second interview time after time. At one point Durst says he is in Madrid when it is later discovered that he’s been in Los Angeles.

After months of dragging his feet, Robert Durst is arrested in New York for violating a protection order put in place by his family members. Andrew Jarecki suddenly finds himself with the upper hand. Durst’s lawyers want some of the footage Jarecki took in order to build their defense case. However, this footage comes at the price of Durst sitting down for the anticipated second interview during which, Jarecki plans to confront Robert with the much talked about letters that appear to match Durst’s handwriting to the handwriting of the anonymous letter to police alerting them of Susan Berman’s dead body or should I say cadaver.

The final interviews happened and it was rather anti-climactic. Durst didn’t seem outwardly alarmed (aside for some unfortunately timed burping) and responded how we all thought he would respond. He admitted to writing the letter to Susan but certainly not the cadaver letter and of course, block lettering can be similar regardless of the writer. The really outrageous part of the finale came at the very end when for a second time, Durst forgot he was mic’ed and started talking to himself while in the bathroom. He actually says the words “There it is. You’re caught” and “What the hell did I do? Killed them all of course”. I actually gasped when I first heard the latter.

Given that Robert Durst was arrested for Susan’s murder, I was anticipating a real smoking gun or even (I admit this is a little far fetched) a confession. But after analyzing it, I think that what he said is incredibly incriminating (and my heart tells he did it), it’s definitely not irrefutable evidence. I can easily see how with a million dollar defense team, that could be explained away as someone talking to themselves in a nonsensical way not to mention that as The New York Times suggested, this tape could be inadmissible in court due to the fact he was in a bathroom and could have reasonably believed he was alone. The same goes for the letter. They can potentially prove that he knew about the dead body but is there actual evidence that he committed the murder? Just as investigators could prove he dismembered Morris Black but could not prove that he actually committed an act of murder. Unless investigators have some additional evidence that ties him to the murder, there is definitely some work to do for the prosecution.


I also find it so hard to believe that Durst would forget about his microphone being on. As eccentric and sometimes bumbling as he comes off, I have no doubt that he is a highly intelligent and aware man. Which begs the question, was he just messing with us? Is he trying to provoke us so he gets caught? Only time will be able to tell and the media circus is going to continue until some kind of closure is found in court.

It’s been an exciting six episodes as us viewers got to know Bob Durst, an eccentric, strangely likable and at the same time chilling character. This series is a great example of how expertly executed documentary film can have a real impact on the issues it covers. In this case, it led to an arrest in a decades old murder case. Jarecki and his team’s stellar research made for an extremely compelling and revealing series. As sad as I am that this series is over, I have no doubt that we will be hearing much much more from Mr. Robert Durst.


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